California WalMart Accident LawyersHave you, or a loved one, been injured in a California WalMart store? Was the accident due to WalMart’s carelessness and lack of maintaining safe property conditions? Were you hurt to the extent that you are unable to work for a period of time? Are you living in financial fear due to losing income while simultaneously facing huge medical expenses related to the accident? Do you know that according to California personal injury law you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation for your pain, suffering, medical expenses and lost wages? WalMart is a giant corporation who does not like to forfeit money for anything including personal injury claims. You need the help of a skilled and experienced California WalMart accident lawyers as they have the experience needed when handling accident claims against WalMart.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced California WalMart injury attorneys. Contact them through this website immediately for a free consultation. Let them establish the true value of your claim and get you the benefits and financial compensation you deserve. They proudly serve the entire state of California including Oakland, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego, California.

California WalMart Statistics

There are currently 301 WalMart stores in the state of California. This includes their Supercenters (123 total), Discount Stores (77 total), Neighborhood Markets (68 total), Sam’s Clubs (33). WalMart employs over 81,000 people throughout California with an average wage of $13.32. WalMart is also one of the largest public employers in California.

WalMart Accidents & Your Rights In WalMart Injury Claims

Wal-Mart stores, and their sister store Sam’s Club prides themselves on their low prices “Always Low Prices” is actually their slogan. If nothing else WalMart offers good value on their products, and many times has the lowest prices. However, over the years, Wal Mart is a store that has been sued repeatedly due to patrons getting injured in their stores, their restrooms, their in store stores (McDonald’s, Vision Stores, Nail Salons, etc.). It may be that part of the way they save money is by skimping on store safety and customer safety, or it may be that they pay lower wages and their employees just don’t pay as much attention or get enough training on customer safety. Whatever the reason, you have to be careful when you shop at a Wal-mart store.

Our Alameda County WalMart accident lawyers have handled many cases where people are injured while at or in a California WalMart. Our lawyers represent people in restroom accidents, parking lot accidents, sidewalk accidents, slip and fall cases, trip and fall injury cases and situations where merchandise fell on a customer. Often, the store will say that it is the customer’s fault for not watching where they were going or being more careful. That is just WalMart trying to get out of having to pay any money for injuries, medical bills, etc. California premises liability law actually mandates that all retail stores, not just WalMart stores, to be more careful because the store should know that its customers are being distracted by the products and displays. In fact, a great deal of analysis is done when deciding how to design a store. That is done solely to get you to buy products and things you did not want or need when going into the store. When a shopper is so distracted by the stores layout they are less likely to see obstacles and hazards, such as spills, in the aisles that the store may have left out.

Our Los Angeles California WalMart injury attorneys routinely take cases where there has been a serious injury that was WalMart’s fault. In some cases, but not all of them, there is something glaringly unusual about the situation that caused the patron to get hurt. An example is a pallet was left at the corner of a shopping aisle and a shopper turned the corner and tripped on it. Our San Diego WalMart injury attorneys have taken numerous cases involving the store entry rug not being secured. This causes it to get bunched up and our client tripped and was seriously injured. Our Anaheim CA WalMart injury attorneys have also handled many slip and fall cases at a store where our client fell in the parking lot or fell in the store because the store did not salt the ice or clean up a spill.

Walmart’s Poor Safety Policies

Walmart is an international retail powerhouse that operates a chain of discount department and warehouse stores. The company has over 11,000 stores worldwide and is the world’s largest company by revenue. Though it is a world renowned company, its poor safety policies has caused several individuals to suffer bodily injury which at times has resulted in death.

Our San Francisco WalMart injury attorneys know first hand the bodily injuries my clients have suffered as a result of poor safety conditions in Walmart. From preventable in-store slip-and-falls, to being injured on the job while operating a defective machine, our Oakland, California WalMart injury attorneys have helped clients obtain compensation from Walmart for their bodily injury, lost wages and medical expenses. Read on to learn more about Walmart’s poor safety policies and how our CA Wal-Mart accident lawyers can help you.

Walmart Worker Safety Policies

In 2013, Walmart entered into an agreement with the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after the agency discovered poor safety hazards towards employees at a New York based store in addition to Walmart locations throughout the U.S. OSHA cited Walmart for failing to properly train workers on how to handle hazardous materials, blocking workplace exits, and administering unsafe trash compactor procedures.

“This settlement will help to keep thousands of exposed Walmart workers safe and healthy on the job. We hope this sends a strong message that the law requires employers to provide safe working conditions, and OSHA will use all the tools at our disposal to ensure that all employers follow the law.” – Dr. David Michaels, Assistant Secretary, OSHA

Walmart employees in association with OUR Walmart has expressed concerns throughout the years regarding workplace safety. OUR Walmart feels as though Walmart has failed to listen to their safety concerns and address them. Warehouse workers in California went on a two-day strike to protest unfair retaliation for refusing to work in an unsafe environment. The workers claimed inadequate safety protection, lack of drinking water, and a bullying management culture.

Despite several lawsuits stemming from Walmart’s poor safety policies, the company has remained committed in improving overall workplace safety.

Filing Walmart Personal Injury Lawsuits

As an employee or customer, if you have suffered a bodily injury at a Walmart store as a result of poor safety measures, contact our law office for a consultation. Employees who are hurt while working can file a workers’ compensation claim for damages. You may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, in addition to loss wages. As a customer, you may be able to file a premise liability claim against Walmart if you are injured while in the store as a result of poor safety practices.

Contact Our San Jose California Walmart Injury Attorneys

Please feel free to contact our San Diego Walmart injury attorneys for a case evaluation. He can review your case and provide you with legal guidance and representation on how to best proceed in bringing a claim against Walmart. You should obtain experienced counsel when seeking to litigate against Walmart. Working with an inexperienced lawyer may result in your claim being dismissed.

What To Do After A Wal-Mart Accident

If you or a family member are injured in a California Wal-Mart store there are a few things you should do immediately after the accident:

1) If possible, please make sure that you get lots of photos of the area where you fell or were injured and get the names and contact information of any witnesses.

2) Fill out an incident report

3) Seek appropriate medical care IMMEDIATELY even if it is just a trip to the emergency room, urgent care clinic or your primary care provider.

4) From there please contact our team of Santa Ana California WalMart injury attorneys as soon as possible so that we can investigate your case and explain your rights to you. Our Long Beach California Walmart injury attorneys will thoroughly analyze your case and give you an honest answer about whether or not it is worth pursuing. The primary focus of our Stockton, California WalMart injury attorneys is to make sure you are treated fairly and get complete compensation for your injury.

Benefits Awarded In California WalMart Claims

You may be entitled to various benefits depending upon your exact case, the details surrounding your case and the extent of your injuries. The possible benefits can be:

1) Current AND future lost wages

2) Current AND future medical expenses

3) Pain and suffering compensation

4) Diminished quality of life compensation

5) Vehicle repair costs (provided your vehicle was damaged)

6) Death, funeral and survival benefits (provided the injury resulted in death of the victim)

Call Los Angeles California WalMart Accident Lawyers

We cannot stress enough the importance of having a skilled and experienced Bakersfield, California WalMart injury attorneys on your side. WalMart being the giant corporation that they are will begin to protect themselves right after the accident. You should absolutely do the same.

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